Taking its cue from the tens of thousands of entrepreneurs who made their voices heard on the Startup Canada National Tour from May to September 2012, and as a national grassroots, entrepreneur-led network, Startup Canada is well positioned to:

  • Connect and support the development of vibrant startup communities;
  • Promote a strong entrepreneurial culture; and,
  • Provide entrepreneurs with a platform and a voice to help create the conditions necessary for entrepreneurial success in Canada.

Startup Canada’s action plan comprises three national initiatives that will be financed through sponsorship dollars and crowd-funding campaigns:

  1.   Startup Canada Connect
  2.   Startup Canada Communities
  3.   Startup Canada Campaign

Startup Canada Connect – A highly social online meeting place for Canadian entrepreneurs to connect with support, resources, opportunities, associations, communities, events, mentors, learning and inspiration, helping entrepreneurs to plug into the national network and take their startup to the next level. Startup Canada Connect will be free, dynamic, comprehensive, personalized, underpinned by living startup communities on the ground and built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. 

Startup Canada Communities – Startup Canada will develop a national network based on local Startup Communities led by local Community Champions – entrepreneurs – to form the foundation of an intensely connected and collaborative social network. Entrepreneurs will be able to plug into the network and access local events, mentors and support to accelerate their growth.Piloting initially in 10 communities across Canada capable of showing early tangible results and becoming models for similar communities, Startup Canada will connect and empower Community Champions to bring together local startup community stakeholders and catalyze critical events that will fuel vibrant Startup Communities.

Startup Canada Campaign – Leveraging mainstream media, social media and key national institutions, Startup Canada will become Canada’s entrepreneurship exchange, celebrating and telling the stories of Canadian entrepreneurs to increase awareness of the vital role that entrepreneurs play and positively positioning Canada’s leading entrepreneurs as national role models.

Startup Canada will build on its grassroots entrepreneurial agenda to create a stronger, more competitive and more prosperous Canada through:

  • Facilitating a national network of strong startup communities;
  • Connecting entrepreneurs into these communities to accelerate their growth; and,
  • Celebrating and promoting entrepreneurship as something to aspire to and key to Canada’s prosperity.

As a volunteer-run organization, Startup Canada’s Way Forward will require us pulling together in the same direction. Take action today by supporting the Startup Canada movement.