Startup Canada is on a mission to make Canada one of the world’s top entrepreneurial economies through a national Action Plan that will drive economic development, job creation and innovation coast to coast.

 This is best accomplished by empowering innovative entrepreneurs through supportive local communities and financial networks. Our supporters, partners and champions include leading entrepreneurs, policy makers, academics and others with a vested interest in creating a stronger startup culture in Canada.

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We can provide commentary and insight on the key issues that impact Canada’s ability to nurture new ventures, commercialize great ideas and drive growth on a global level:

  • Why it is important for Canada to embrace entrepreneurship as central to its national culture and for this culture shift to reach into classrooms and living rooms across the country.
  • How a larger cohort of visionary early-stage startups is crucial to producing more high-growth companies with global reach that will create jobs and boost GDP.
  • Why entrepreneurship must be fuelled from the bottom up through the development of vibrant local entrepreneurial communities led by veteran entrepreneurs.
  • What Startup Canada is doing to achieve these goals through its three-step Action Plan.

To learn more or to arrange interviews, please email or call 613.316.6203.

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