Thank you to the following individuals for reviewing the Blueprints:

  • Francis Moran, Marketing Strategist & Entrepreneur (Ottawa)
  • Paul Giroux, PR Professional & Editor (Ottawa)
  • Sorin Cohn, Founder of Cohnsulting (Ottawa)
  • Davender Gupta, Founder of Quebec Startup (Quebec City)
  • Rick Spence, Columnist, National Post (Toronto)
  • James T. Temerty, Founding Chairman, Northland Power (Toronto)
  • Noah Redler, Founder, PubliKit (Montreal)
  • Adam Chowaniec, Founding Chairman, Startup Canada (Ottawa)
  • Lanis Anthony, Entrepreneur & Investor (Regina)
  • Andrea Mandel Campbell, Journalist, Author and Communications Strategist (Toronto)
  • Anne Toner Fung, Consultant, StFX Enterprise Development Centre (Anitgonish)
  • Tonya Surman, CEO, Centre for Social Innovation (Toronto)
  • Michael Legary, Founder, Seccuris (Winnipeg)
  • Robert Sherkin, Founder, Dynamic Tire (Toronto)
  • Rivers Corbett,  Founder, Relish Gourmet Burgers (Fredericton)
  • Dan Gunn, CEO, Viatec (Victoria)
  • Senia Rapisarda, VC, BDC (Montreal)
  • Dave Watters, President, Global Advantage Consulting (Ottawa)
  • Jonathan Ortmans, Senior Fellow, Kauffman Foundation (US)
  • Laura O’Blenis, Founder, Stiletto Consulting (Fredericton)
  • Tony Redpath, VP Partner Programs, MaRS (Toront0)
  • Pierre Biloudeau, VP ISTP Canada (Ottawa)
  • Robert Paterson, Co-Founder, Queen St. Commons (Charlottetown)
  • David Gamble, Small Business Officer, Resource West Inc. (Charlottetown)
  • Debbie Weinstein, Founder, LeBarge Weinstein LLP (Ottawa)
  • Mike Lee, Founder, Fundica (Montreal)
  • Blair Smith, Marketing Strategist (Toronto)
  • Cheryl Dick, CEO, Lethbridge Economic Development (Lethbridge)
  • Helen Braiter, Director, CICP (Ottawa)
  • Tessa Mintz, Director, CYBF (Toronto)
  • Alan Barrell, EiR, Cambridge University (UK)
  • Manny Montanegrino, Advisor, Startup Canada (Ottawa)
  • Ian Hand, Entrepreneur, Investor & Educator, SFU (Vancouver) 
  • Pierre Bilodeau, ISTP Canada (Ottawa) 



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